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A Typical Call...   

Fred* calls one Friday night. The counselor knows from previous calls that Fred is seriously mentally ill, unable to work and lives alone. The drop-in center where he spends most of his time is closed for the weekend, and he is so lonely and scared at the prospect of getting through the weekend alone that he is "having suicidal thoughts." The counselor listens with empathy, assesses that he is not seriously suicidal, and then asks if he has any ideas of activities that might help him get through the weekend. Together they discover that he actually does have lots of plans. A list of activities is outlined, and Fred seems to feels reassured when the call ends.
* Name and other identifying details changed

Volunteer Opportunities

Like all nonprofits and community agencies, Crisis Connection depends on volunteers to help us deliver services that otherwise would not exist. All of our free community hotline services are delivered primarily by volunteer counselors who commit to extensive training and regular shifts to become a Crisis Connection counselor. If you are interested in being a volunteer counselor, please call Jennifer Baker 612-852-2201, or email her at jbaker@hsicrisis.org

In addition to our volunteer phone counselors, we appreciate the help of many volunteers who help with special projects, day-to-day administrative services and special events. Periodically  we could use additional volunteers to work in the following areas.


Additional Volunteers Needed  

  • "People people":  Are you a real outgoing people person? We have need of volunteers who would staff our information booth at various community events, school fairs and similar activities. You would help to tell the community about Crisis Connection 's work and make sure those in need can "find us" when the time is right.

  • Special events: Our annual fundraiser is usually in the spring, and many hands are needed for publicity, silent auction, decorations, and much more!

2015 Volunteer Training Schedule

Crisis counselors must complete one volunteer/intern training session prior to serving on our hotline. Trainings are offered monthly, at no charge to volunteers and interns. Each training session spans a five-week period and convenes on both Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. (First night session begins at 5:30pm.) The fifth week is the evaluation and observation period, you will only be required to attend either Monday or Thursday to meet that requirement.

Crisis Connection does have an application and interview process so please contact the volunteer coordinator at least 1 month before the session that you are planning on attending in order to allow enough time for this process to be completed. 

All sessions meet on a Monday and Thursday evening from 6-9 pm for 8 classroom sessions and 2 observation/orientation sessions. 

Volunteer/Intern Training ASIST Training
January 5th – February 5th  
February 16th – March 19th  
April 20th – May 21st  
June 1st - July 2nd  
August 3rd – September 3rd  
September 14th – October 15th  
October 19th – November 19th  

View Crisis Connection Volunteer Brochure

Volunteer Perspectives

Read these to better understand the work of our phone counselors.



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